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lol. a game review that is so past the 'freshness' date. XD
so, i'm not going to go deep into the gaming stuff, as most who'd read this would know that i'm a total noob in the games.
truth is, this is actually not my first ds game. i bought an NDS 11 years ago, and have pokemon pearl version. but i'm stupid, and got it in japanese. i 'finished' pearl by beating the elite 4 and caught palkia. but dunno what else to do after that. even further back, i played silver on a computer emulator... also in untranslated language. playing these 2 games 'alone', there were some "habits" that i brought over to pokemon sun. i try so hard to get every single poke available in the game, without trades. XD... so i never get the other starters, and moon version exclusives yet. haha. anyone whats to trade can leave a comment, no hax please.

to the review!
i enjoyed the game a lot! the story was really good, and the dialog was really funny. there are a lot of references that i knew were references to previous games, but i don't know which/where they are referencing to. i guess that lessened the enjoyment for me a bit. being a total noob, i totally over-leveled my pokes, so the pokemon fights were not really a challenge. that lessened the enjoyment too. hahaha. but i enjoyed catching all the pokes too much. and i think i'm quite lucky that i've got a couple of shinies in just around a week's time playing. so, i couldn't stop running into tall grass. hahaha. other than catching pokes, i think i enjoyed very much shipping my character and lillie... and then adding hau and gladion into the mix. XD . i have my own mind, don't judge. hahahhahaha.
more specifically on the story, i really like that they left holes in front and behind the story. there's a good foundation for a sequel, and even some elements that'd make a good prequel spin-off game. also plenty of interesting characters... i don't know about previous games, but the characters in the game were quite engaging...
... but some of them has too few appearances... which brings me to the biggest 'complain' of the game. it feels really short. and the forth island is really like an island, that you cannot do much other than the battle tree. figured if they made some adjustment to the 4th island, added a little bit of terrain, i'd say it's perfect.
but not yet! 

to the review of the pokemon designs!
THERE WERE TOO FEW NEW POKEMON!! THIS is my BIGGEST complain of the game! the story made it that i don't hate UBs so much as i did before, because it made enough sense in the story, but too few pokemon! the fact that they used finneon and tentacool as surf encounter pokemon, then magikarp in so many fishing spots... only having wishiwashi and bruxish (both without evolution, btw) is too few and bad 'design' as a whole. granted they cut down on the surf encounter rates, and fishing spots, but still.
i've mentioned on previous journals/status that i hated some of the pokemon designs when they were leaked, i still dislike a lot of them. but i found later that i loved a lot of them too. this dilemma got me to this conclusion: that the small pool of new pokemon made it that the precentage of like/dislike is easily skewed... so after counting them out, i'd say i still love more than hate the designs...
the designs that i dislike/hate most has got to be buzzwole and pheromosa. i've always thought that pokemon has purposely avoided 'pests' as pokemon designs... but they finally gave in to a cockroach and mosquito... actually, there are non-pest cockroaches and mosquitoes in the real world. but they made non-pokemon pokemon out of these pests... so that's a big fail to me. guzzlord is overkill on the smaller head and arms, while celesteela overkilled on her fingers. as mentioned, the 'leaks' and small pool spoiled everything. that we saw the ones that i disliked more up front made me felt like i disliked the whole thing.
out of the 9 pokemon in the starter lines, primarina is overkill on the hair, while brionne and dartrix felt to me like fillers. if decidueye and rowlett were less good designs, i might have chosen litten as my starter. that said, decidueye has got an almost perfect design. the hood and the mechanism of the bow are brilliant elements of design. torracat's collar evolving into inceneroar's belt is a nice touch too. and unfortunately for me in the popplio line, not much of this kind of design element is available, which is why it's the weakest design of the 3.
talking about overkill, araquanid's bubbles, musdale's mane/hooves, kommo-o's armor are all elements that are understandable where they come from, but could use a little trimming.
on the other hand, charjabug, wishiwashi, shiinotic, sand castles, minior, dhelmise and type: null feels under-cooked. tapus are interesting transformers elements, but also a little under-cooked/rushed/un-refined in my opinion. these designs are not exactly 'bad' in my opinion, but they look like elements that are slapped onto pokes, and dumped into the oven immediately. take palossand for example, this is what i did with a minor adjustment to the eyes placement and shape of the arms.  Palossand by k-hots  which makes it look less silly, and much more appealing. (i don't want to sound cocky... but still...>_<)
onto the good ones
pyukumuku, mimikyu, togedemaru, turtonator, mareanie line, lurantis, rockruff, midday lycanroc, wimpod line, komala are designs i like a lot, and could be ranked quite highly if i ranked pokemon all-time designs. ribombee and oricorio has got very interesting elements too. oricorio deserves a mention as it is (they are) based off 'dance'. which is an action, but brought into the pokemon via outfits that dancers wear. fitting them almost seamlessly onto a bird, especially in baille(fire) and sensu(ghost) is a great job. another fav of mine would be toxapax. obviously it's based off crowns of thorns, but an element of 'iron mary' is also put into the design. there are plenty of fakemons on these 2 elements, but none that has a combination. and, as shown on this pokemon(line), it's a perfect fit.

ok, long journal is long enough. tell me about your fav pokemon designs. tell me if you like this kind of journal. coz i'm thinking of writing these sorts in the future, talking about other gen designs too. hope to hear from anyone who's reading. thank you. :)
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MrsVolv Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Professional General Artist
Haha, that's some reverse harem you created there for Lillie. xD

Anyway I don't disagree mostly, maybe just on Turtonator - I cannot get to like this Pokemon.
Some Pokes, like Mudsdale, would only take a little adjustments to be great designs! But that's also something you said already.

I love a lot of designs so I will just type which I really dislike:
- Incineroar I don't hate anymore, but it's still such a disappointment... Could get a big nice fire cat...
- Stufful and Bewear seem like the biggest mistakes to me. They are supposed to be cute yet to me they seem creepy and really lazy designed. And it's quite a dissapointment for me - a bear herself :P - glad I still have Teddiursa/Ursaring!
- All the UBeasts, they are weird, but I didn't get to that part of a game yet, so not gonna say anything now.

And now I have a stupid idea, which I have totally no time for, but would really like to do - take some designs I would like but think they need adjustments and re-design them to my liking. Just for fun. XD'
k-hots Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
lol. that's what makes the game so interesting... like lillie has the hinata-neiji relationship with gladion, and hau is like the rock lee. XD
i also agree with most that you dislike. just that incineroar, i think they did a good job on its character, and the belt was a nice touch. put incineroar among all the other fire starters, you'd see that his design is outstanding, especially in terms of character. your big nice fire cat is pyroar. : P ... since you hate pyroar, you got entei to make up for it. hahaha. as for UBs, only the 2 i mentioned i think are not really fitting of the story.
as for turtonator, i know that he looks hideous, and his 'beak' is sort of magmar design, but the way they posed him with his shell armor first is a nice touch for a turtle sheild design.
i'll definitely do a bit of re-design stuff... and do something on the ubs to show what i mean by prefering the designs other than cockroach and mosquito.
Neslug Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
A nice read.

Regarding designs, I like most of them. I'll agree that Decidueye looks great, don't know why so many seem to hate it. On the technical side, I'm quite disappointed with a lot of the base stats and Abilities they chose.

My favorites of the new ones are Vikavolt, Wishiwashi School Forme and...Buzzwole. Yeah. It's so goofy yet badass and unlike the other designs we get. Ultra Beasts are all kinda weird and I think it's a great concept, having foreign lifeforms that would cause entire cities to evacuate if Pokémon was any more realistic. That said, I wish the UBs featured more prominently and the outbreaks could have been incorporated into the main story.
k-hots Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for commenting. :)
i think people dislike some pokemon because they are not useful enough in the game... i did base most of what i wrote here base on aesthetic design alone... and people would like the poke if they are useful in the games, which is why snorlax and alolan meowth has become my 2 fav pokemon now because one gets me the pokes i want, the other gets me the items i want. hahaha. so, i'd wonder how popular buzzwole would be if he wasn't as strong. :P
yes, UB stories could be longer too. so goes the story of the tapus, in fact. too short.
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