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lol. a game review that is so past the 'freshness' date. XD
so, i'm not going to go deep into the gaming stuff, as most who'd read this would know that i'm a total noob in the games.
truth is, this is actually not my first ds game. i bought an NDS 11 years ago, and have pokemon pearl version. but i'm stupid, and got it in japanese. i 'finished' pearl by beating the elite 4 and caught palkia. but dunno what else to do after that. even further back, i played silver on a computer emulator... also in untranslated language. playing these 2 games 'alone', there were some "habits" that i brought over to pokemon sun. i try so hard to get every single poke available in the game, without trades. XD... so i never get the other starters, and moon version exclusives yet. haha. anyone whats to trade can leave a comment, no hax please.

to the review!
i enjoyed the game a lot! the story was really good, and the dialog was really funny. there are a lot of references that i knew were references to previous games, but i don't know which/where they are referencing to. i guess that lessened the enjoyment for me a bit. being a total noob, i totally over-leveled my pokes, so the pokemon fights were not really a challenge. that lessened the enjoyment too. hahaha. but i enjoyed catching all the pokes too much. and i think i'm quite lucky that i've got a couple of shinies in just around a week's time playing. so, i couldn't stop running into tall grass. hahaha. other than catching pokes, i think i enjoyed very much shipping my character and lillie... and then adding hau and gladion into the mix. XD . i have my own mind, don't judge. hahahhahaha.
more specifically on the story, i really like that they left holes in front and behind the story. there's a good foundation for a sequel, and even some elements that'd make a good prequel spin-off game. also plenty of interesting characters... i don't know about previous games, but the characters in the game were quite engaging...
... but some of them has too few appearances... which brings me to the biggest 'complain' of the game. it feels really short. and the forth island is really like an island, that you cannot do much other than the battle tree. figured if they made some adjustment to the 4th island, added a little bit of terrain, i'd say it's perfect.
but not yet! 

to the review of the pokemon designs!
THERE WERE TOO FEW NEW POKEMON!! THIS is my BIGGEST complain of the game! the story made it that i don't hate UBs so much as i did before, because it made enough sense in the story, but too few pokemon! the fact that they used finneon and tentacool as surf encounter pokemon, then magikarp in so many fishing spots... only having wishiwashi and bruxish (both without evolution, btw) is too few and bad 'design' as a whole. granted they cut down on the surf encounter rates, and fishing spots, but still.
i've mentioned on previous journals/status that i hated some of the pokemon designs when they were leaked, i still dislike a lot of them. but i found later that i loved a lot of them too. this dilemma got me to this conclusion: that the small pool of new pokemon made it that the precentage of like/dislike is easily skewed... so after counting them out, i'd say i still love more than hate the designs...
the designs that i dislike/hate most has got to be buzzwole and pheromosa. i've always thought that pokemon has purposely avoided 'pests' as pokemon designs... but they finally gave in to a cockroach and mosquito... actually, there are non-pest cockroaches and mosquitoes in the real world. but they made non-pokemon pokemon out of these pests... so that's a big fail to me. guzzlord is overkill on the smaller head and arms, while celesteela overkilled on her fingers. as mentioned, the 'leaks' and small pool spoiled everything. that we saw the ones that i disliked more up front made me felt like i disliked the whole thing.
out of the 9 pokemon in the starter lines, primarina is overkill on the hair, while brionne and dartrix felt to me like fillers. if decidueye and rowlett were less good designs, i might have chosen litten as my starter. that said, decidueye has got an almost perfect design. the hood and the mechanism of the bow are brilliant elements of design. torracat's collar evolving into inceneroar's belt is a nice touch too. and unfortunately for me in the popplio line, not much of this kind of design element is available, which is why it's the weakest design of the 3.
talking about overkill, araquanid's bubbles, musdale's mane/hooves, kommo-o's armor are all elements that are understandable where they come from, but could use a little trimming.
on the other hand, charjabug, wishiwashi, shiinotic, sand castles, minior, dhelmise and type: null feels under-cooked. tapus are interesting transformers elements, but also a little under-cooked/rushed/un-refined in my opinion. these designs are not exactly 'bad' in my opinion, but they look like elements that are slapped onto pokes, and dumped into the oven immediately. take palossand for example, this is what i did with a minor adjustment to the eyes placement and shape of the arms.  Palossand by k-hots  which makes it look less silly, and much more appealing. (i don't want to sound cocky... but still...>_<)
onto the good ones
pyukumuku, mimikyu, togedemaru, turtonator, mareanie line, lurantis, rockruff, midday lycanroc, wimpod line, komala are designs i like a lot, and could be ranked quite highly if i ranked pokemon all-time designs. ribombee and oricorio has got very interesting elements too. oricorio deserves a mention as it is (they are) based off 'dance'. which is an action, but brought into the pokemon via outfits that dancers wear. fitting them almost seamlessly onto a bird, especially in baille(fire) and sensu(ghost) is a great job. another fav of mine would be toxapax. obviously it's based off crowns of thorns, but an element of 'iron mary' is also put into the design. there are plenty of fakemons on these 2 elements, but none that has a combination. and, as shown on this pokemon(line), it's a perfect fit.

ok, long journal is long enough. tell me about your fav pokemon designs. tell me if you like this kind of journal. coz i'm thinking of writing these sorts in the future, talking about other gen designs too. hope to hear from anyone who's reading. thank you. :)
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i found that recent posts of fakemons… of mine are so grey in color =A= wonder what was i thinking while i was sketching them... or perhaps it's me now that's giving them greyish colors. hahaha.

i've posted more than 40 fakemons that would be on my 2nd gen. 100 sketchmons . but i still cannot muster the strength to put them together onto a dex. hahahaha.
if you clicked the link, you'd find that there's a grass leaf owl fakemon line at the bottom left corner. i'm thinking of scraping that line since we have perfectly fine owl line in rowlett. i'll see what i can do to change that... another line that is even more likely to be scraped is far left on the 4th row... it's sort of shellfish evolving into a samurai thing... which is what happened in sun/moon for wimpod/golisopod line. since i really cannot see how i can better on the official ones, these would most likely be scraped...
actually, the above doesn't happen much for me. especially after i deciding to post anyways even if there are official pokemons that are based on similar animals/things. and the fact that game freak themselves have quite a few pokemon that are based on same animals (how many lion pokemon have we had?). but this case for the shellfish and wimpod is that both the animal and concept in evo is very similar. and game freak did do a better job than i did by basing wimpod on a silverfish, which gives it a stronger 'bug' presence. so... yeah... that's gonna be scraped. the owls we'll see, coz i didn't do "archer" on them, so i could do something else that'd preserve their position. hopefully. hahaha

also, sketches for 4th gen fakemon is reaching 70. but still a long way towards 100, when i'll post very rough drawings, like above. maybe i've been playing the games, or maybe just busy in general, or maybe a mix of everything... i'm getting a bit slower and finding it harder to get new ideas of a fakemon line/fakemon that'd work. off 70 sketches i have, even some were gathered from previous sketchbooks that i'm sending to the recycle centre... think this might be a bit of bottleneck... i can see official pokemon themselves are having a bit of bottleneck too, especially on the introduction of the ultrabeasts.

speaking of ultrabeasts, ub beauty and ub expansion really threw me off when they were officially announced before the games. i still kinda hate them so much. hahaha. i could appreciate the designs of a couple of others, but Pheromosa and buzzwole... i'm still shaking my head. hahaha.
a little bit with the game itself, i passed the elite4 and champion. and just caught both buzzwole "specimens"... maybe when i get all the legends i'll write a review/feeling journal on it, and touch a bit about how i feel about the designs of the 7th generation pokemon... yeah, i really should write that as a journal... coz i really disliked some of the reveals (as with UBs), but other designs are really good, and i'd like to give credit to (like wimpod line above). so.. yeah. look forward to that.

ok. enough ranting/babbling. but i'll hope to post more fakemon/pokemon design based journals in the future so that i can share how i think when i see pokemon and my own fakemons. thanks for reading. :)
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as my previous status post, i think it was a bit hard to understand what i was doing... so here's an example.
Untitled-2 by k-hots
this 3 QR codes i got it randomly from the net. just open your qr scanner on pokemon sun/moon and see what pokemon they turn out to be. XD
yeah, finally got myself a game console. i feel like such a noob because i don't know anything about pokemon. lol.
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i'm not really committing to doing inktober this year, but i'm actually doing something at the moment. hahaha. such an ironic / contradicting thing to say.
anyhow, i'm not going to post what i do on inktober here. because i'm keeping everything very simple, and not forced. i'd most probably draw/ink almost everyday, but maybe i'd skip a day or two here and there... if you are interested in seeing what i do for inktober this year, you can look me up on instagram… where i have very few people following me, and i post really random stuff...
there's actually a theme on what i draw, and i'll post the final outcome on dA when i'm done with everything... but knowing myself, it'd most probably be scanned and compiled on november, then posted on december or something. XD
anyways, this is just a simple heads up. if i suddenly go out of action for a while, you can look up the above link to see if i'm there.
thank you.
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really disappointing to me...
there are a lot of dA fakemons that are better designed, based on the same stuff we're seeing...
for a pokemon fanart i'm working on. please answer even if you're not really a pokemon fan.
1) are you a boy or a girl?
2) bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander?
3) eevee or pikachu?
thank you. :)
not impressed by k-hots... frankly...
spoiler alert...
please come back after you watch the movie...
forget about cap x bucky,
bucky x sam is my otp now.
yeah. i finally got my 2nd set of starters done. so, i'll be putting them together into a dex soon. look out for that.
in fact, i've already have close to 30 fakemons that are not "dexed". that's surprisingly more than i expected. so... it will be around 100 more to fill the whole thing. hahaha.
the starters' final forms  Gryphorus by k-hots Smaugma by k-hots Equestorm by k-hots are obviously heavily western culture influenced. but as many of you might know, i'm chinese, and, a lot of my fakemons are asian stuff. i don't know how they will pan out when put together... i'm now considering to mix up my gen2 an gen3 a bit so that i can have a full western cultured gen2. what do you think?
also, here are the first forms:  Koalyfus by k-hots Lispark by k-hots Happony by k-hots which one would you choose? personally, i think i might choose lispark because it's the line that i've designed most recently, and thorny devil has been something i wanted to design for a long time, and very happy that i got to do well.
anyways, hope you guys enjoy what's coming up. keep drawing and designing. :)
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i've not stop designing my fakemon. and as most might know, i'm currently working on my 2nd gen. (gen1 is here this is called a dex? ) just that i'm currently stuck a bit in terms of doing a full dex out of my sketches. the problem is... i don't have a line suitable as fire starters! that seems like such a funny statement, as 1, most people don't face problem with designing starters, let alone fire starters, which are usually the popular ones. 2, i've got more than 200 fakemon sketches with close to 100 fakemon families... and yet, none of them fits "fire" and "starter".
well, i've been sketching a bit, and i finally came up with something that fits the above two criteria.
  Untitled-1 by k-hots
but here comes the problems again... you might see below are my grass starters:
Koalyfus by k-hots Ekaleap by k-hots Gryphorus by k-hots
as you might noticed... the design elements and way of evolution is rather similar between these two lines. 1st stage have big ears, 2nd stage have even bigger, then they become wings in the final stage... =_=
there's 2 solutions to this problem:
1) back to the drawing board for fire type. but i really like this 1st stage fakemon that i designed based on a thorny devil. i could reserve this line as my 3rd gen starters, or make these spiky lizards electric type, quite evident that most electric type pokemon are spiky... but i really think they have "starter nastiness" in them...
2) relegate koala griffin to being none-starters... they have less "starter" in their looks... but koalefus would be sad about that 2 by k-hots

so... what's your opinion? i'd like to hear from what my watchers think about it. thank you. :)
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it's like whenever i finish one project, i cannot get into another project even if the project is pretty small and doesn't require much time. even if the deadline is near, and there's a high probability of missing it if i take a couple of days off...
but after every project that i do, it seems like i cannot make myself do it. i can see those works to be done. my photoshop is always working on the background. i've saved and compiled the files that i'll need for the next project. i just cannot get anything right. i do a couple of brush strokes, and then i'm unhappy with anything and everything. :/
anyhow, forget about me. how was everybody's pokemon day? a sudden change of topic. haha.
what an embarrassment of riches we're going to have this year. with 3 (THREE!!!) major official games coming out on 3 (THREE!!!) different platforms. just in case anybody hasn't been following pokemon, it's pokemon Go on mobiles, pokken tournament on wiiU, and pokemon sun/moon on 3Ds.
is pokken worthy of getting a wiiU? how are everyone playing wiiU? as i said before, i'm not much of a gamer. but i did enjoy tekken back in the day. if i had spare money, maybe i could invest on a wiiU to play with splatoon a bit? i really don't know. and honestly would like to hear from anyone who's reading this.
for sure i will be playing pokemon Go. i'm playing pokemon shuffle on my cellphone everyday now. i've actually never paid for any game micro-transactions too.
and, last but not least, i really don't have a 3Ds. my nds broke with my pokemon diamond half way, i never got to fix it, and never had the urge to get another one to finish the game...
yeah. i am a cheap skate person. =__= . i'm very sorry to have to admit that. but with the anniversary, i'm really thinking of giving some money to nintendo. hahaha. all 3 might be a splash. most probably will get 2 of the 3 because i'm still broke... or cheap. whichever...
alright, that's all. take cares.
EDIT: oh, i totally forgot about the pikachu detective game. when's it coming out? ... come to think of it, why does pikachu has to be a detective when you have alakazams in the pokemon world?
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Pigaboom by k-hots
To me~
That i might be writing some new year resolution thing, but i'm not really doing that right now.
Well, having to be at the ward accompanying my father threw me off a bit. Now i have 2 commission jobs i haven't finish for the year. I'm always late for deadlines... :(
What a year 2015 has been. I could remember a lot of moments quite clearly. Needless to say, it was an eventful year. A lot of highs and lows, and a lot of trials and errors. All part of growing up. Haha.
My quote of the year would be "there are things that money can't buy, but there are things that you don't need any money to own"... as an artist who's neither that good nor famous, well, i'm broke. Haha. But i do treasure those that i have/had/ will have.
Looking into 2016, i really want to be able to work on some of my own ideas. Actually, i don't consider myself an artist or a designer most of the time. I see myself as someone who gets "ideas". Some ideas, i can put to paper myself, while others, are quite hard for me. But in 2016, i will make take on some of the tougher tasks. Just hope that i'll have good financial backing then. I don't know how i'm going to achieve that, but i'll at least try to push something out. Even if i'm broke.
Also, would go back to my roots of drawing fakemons a bit for dA in 2016. And maybe would host some challenge or competition or something to boost my own dA page a bit.
Didn't join any comic conventions in the end for 2015, but did participate in a sales exhibition during august. Will have to look out for more events come 2016.
Again, thanks anyone who'd be reading this. Love life. Cheers. Have a good new year.
This is the third time i'm staying at the hospital this year... i've not been sick, but my parents have not been really healthy.
All in all, there's nothing too serious... so, that's that at least...
I wish everyone good health wherever you are reading this from.
how's everybody doing?
just wanted to get the previous journal out of the way.
and, saying "hi" to everyone who'd read my journals.
how's your 2015 been? what are your plans for the new year? what would be different for you then?
i'm also kinda planning on next year... but i do still have some projects in hand that i need to finish asap...
so, i'll be updating my own new year journal in a couple of weeks time.
this journal's just an interval... or one to get to hear what others have to say about their year and new year. :)
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i'm sorry to say that i'm admitting defeat on my inktober challenge... as such, i won't be posting daily anymore.
it's been a good 12+ days that i've tried. but work has come, and we've got to prioritize sometimes. money and reputation is sometimes more important than the love of pokemon and push.
it was a fun experience trying to push myself to produce everyday. as i mentioned before, i've had tried this kind of challenge before, and have somewhat success too. but drawing pokemon is one thing, i found out later in my process that drawing pokemon tattoo is another. i'd take too much time sometimes to get the tribal references correct, or playing with the backlight and compositions too much... as a result of these, it made the process a chore for me, and took too much time to be squeezed in between life, jobs, and posting everyday.
so, i'm sorry to announce that i'll be stopping this challenge as of today, actually, as of a couple of days ago. i still owe 3 pokemon drawings as promised to friends who had comment on the previous journal. and i'll be updating and editing some of the designs i posted that i'm not fully satisfied with. then, i'd make some combinations of them, and post a few on teepublic to be sold as t-shirts.
special thanks to all friends who'd fav and comment on almost every piece of pokemon tat that has a bit of quality. i really appreciate all the support.
i don't feel bad about stopping this challenge, because i'm aware that it was not due to a lack of effort. instead, it was a lack of planning ahead. so hopefully, i won't make this kind of mistake again in future challenges.
thank you. :) 
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so... it's inktober!
erm... it's like a challenge to post drawings using ink, right?
well, i figured i'd give it a twist since it's basically the 3rd day of october where i live...
so, for inktober 2015, i'm going to commit to drawing/posting pokemon tattoo designs everyday. still "ink", right?
ok. now that i've done ivysaur and wartortle, charmeleon is the obvious next one... and i'd mostly do pikachu or raichu just to get the starters of the first gen.
i've promised my good friends MrsVolv that i'd do shiny luxray for her. and CHOBI-PHO that i'd do mega houndoom
here, i'm taking suggestions and requests. preferably, tell me which is your favourite, or first love pokemon, just like how i described ivysaur to me. then i'd draw the pokemon with more love. haha.
10/01/2015  INKtober2015: Ivysaur used vine whip tattoo by k-hots 10/02/2015  INKtober2015: Wartortle used surf tattoo by k-hots10/03/2015 INKtober2015: Charmeleon used flame charge tattoo by k-hots
10/04/2015 INKtober2015: Electrode used eerie impulse tattoo by k-hots10/05/2015 INKtober2015: Mega Houndoom used fire fang tatto by k-hots 10/06/2015 INKtober2015: Serperior used coil tattoo by k-hots
10/07/2015  INKtober2015: Honedge used sacred sword tattoo by k-hots 10/08/2015  INKtober2015: Alakazam used torment tattoo by k-hots10/09/2015  INKtober2015: Bronzong used extrasensory tattoo by k-hots
10/10/2015  INKtober2015: Drifblim used gust tattoo by k-hots10/12/2015 INKtober2015: Cubone used double edge tattoo by k-hots10/14/2015 INKtober2015: Omastar used dive tattoo by k-hots
10/15/2015 INKtober2015: Lopunny used attract tattoo by k-hots
to do list :iconshinyluxrayplz: :iconlugiaplz: :iconmewpokemonplz: 
i will most likely update this journal while i go on. wish me luck on the drawings. i know the persistence needed for this challenge... i will do my best.
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jobs and deadlines are coming thick...
but i'm playing tetris.