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I really love how detailed your works are, also the storytelling in your comics really keeps the reader interested! That's really something to look up to <3

I enjoy all of the stories you create but this chapter is especially to my liking because of unusual yet pretty style of one color on grayscale! <3

This is just too cute! The starters may be fake but they got much love from Vron here <3

This scene is both funny and adorable! I also can imagine them in such situation. Additionally I really dig the style G
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  • :iconmeyyyw:
    Donated Nov 28, 2016, 10:41:47 PM
... with a bit of my manga reading memory recollection.
i've been a manga fan ever since i hit my teenage. at that time, manga was at the height of it's influence in the chinese speaking market. the first issue of 'comic weekly', which was localized shonen jump in chinese, that i picked up had this awesome goku and gohan kamehameha… poster as its cover. though i only wanted to read dragonball (and the cover) when i bought this magazine, i easily fell in love with the other mangas that were also on-running on it. they included slam dunk, ranma1/2, ushio & tora, H2 and detective conan among others. years gone by, and these mangas ended (apart from conan) one by one, as i stopped buying the manga magazine. but not without catching up with some classics like akira, blackjack, raijin yaiba and others along the way.

then, the 2nd wave came along with naruto, one piece, bleach and hunter X hunter running on at the same time. having internet to read mangas for 'free' then, i didn't spend as much money on buying the mangas itself anymore. i joined a chinese scanlation forum, and since i drew fanarts for naruto, and that different manga fanbase had fierce rivalry between fans on the forum, i didn't bother picking up one piece or bleach. unfortunately for me, the story for naruto fell off a cliff during the akatsuki arc, hunter X hunter went from bad drawings to horrible haituses, and i left the forum, which meant i (almost) stopped reading other mangas at the same time.

sometime around last year, the popularity of one punch man caught my attention. so, i searched online (mangafox) to see what this anti-anti-hero is about. and later enjoyed the manga quite a bit. i quickly caught up to the latest chapter, and then came to realize that the manga has had hiatus(es) quite often. at almost the same time, i found that hunter X hunter came back from its long hibernation, so i read what were coming out. following these two mangas that are inconsistent with their release time means that i'd have to check back to the site once in a while to see if new chapters (even pages sometimes) was available. needless to say, i was often left "disappointed" because of how bad the hiatuses were.

while i'm on the site, it made perfect sense for me that i'd pick up some other mangas which were readily available on the site, so that i would at least read something else when the two that i'm following were not available, instead of checking to the site and leaving empty handed. before i know it, i'm now reading a handful of mangas, as if i was reading a manga magazine when i was still a teenager! so, i thought i shared on-going mangas that i'm now reading here, maybe a couple of hidden gems are worth your time.

1) Hunter X Hunter
944fd72f-49b9-45f1-9fa1-ca445e6b0e72 by…
technically, this manga is still 'on-running'. XD, so i'd just share it here. if you've never read, or watched this manga/anime yet, please do pick it up. whatever is available as of now is, in my opinion, still worth your time. the story is solid, with strong and interesting characters all round. reading through the manga is almost like playing an rpg game, while the anime quality is superb. living the hiatus is no fun, but comparing the terrible artwork upon release with ammended drawings for manga issues is also one part of the fun of following this manga. XD
TnkSazz by k-hots

2) One Punch Man
Viz-blog Saitama by…
the hiatus is not as bad as hunter X hunter, but the comparison between original webcomic art by One, and art by murata yuusuke is almost as interesting! XD. but i don't really read One's webcomics to avoid spoilers. as i mentioned, onepunch man is almost like an anti-anti-hero. who wants to be a hero, but not recognized as a hero, but too strong to feel what being a hero is, but a true hero in heroes' eyes. haha. the story for the manga is a bit of a drag nowadays, but anime quality is also superb. if you haven't jumped on the hyped bandwagon, you can jump on it now that it's less crowded. haha.

3) Tomo Chan Wa Onna Ko
Welcome image by k-hots…
i think the translation is "my girl tomo chan". this on-running "manga" is a daily updated thing, like a newspaper comic strip. each strip has a mini funny part that you can have fun on, but is also on-going with the overall story. it's a strange format, but i think it's interesting merge of webcomic and manga. the main 3 girls in the manga are very strong characters, and interactions are hilarious sometimes. the sense of humor with second lead girl, mizu's coolness (crudeness) against the funny backdrop reminds me of why i loved ranma1/2. updated daily, so it's perfect to fill in the time while waiting for the hiatus mangas.

4) Dragonball Chou (super?)
Dragon-bal-super Yzg5 by k-hots…
i don't know what happened after dragonball Z, and frankly, i don't care as well. all i knew was, they had all crazy transformations, with all sorts of designs including hideous hairy ones... i think dragonball chou follows the story of the dragonball 30 anniversary short, and proceeds to the on-going 'goku black' story that it is on now. the manga drawing is imitation of akira toriyama's style, which i'd say is 'ok', but not the best. the story is frankly also not the best... my presumption was that they couldn't write (draw) a coherent story since the saiyans were already too powerful at the end of dragonball Z. but to my surprise, they managed to tell a believable story with goku-black, and i'm giving them props for this. so, yeah, give it a read if you were a dragonball fan. no hairy transformations yet... and maybe not ever... so that's good. XD

5) Tamen de Gushi (她们的故事(their(feminine pronoun) story))
Cdaiv2sWAAAzUbT by k-hots…
this 'manga' caught me surprised on quite a few levels. first, it's actually a chinese webcomic by a chinese artist. second, it's almost about girl(yuri) love, with some boy-boy love in there as well. i'm not against homosexuality, but yoai and yuri or ai mangas can be over the top sometimes. but this is not at all. third, the art is amazing, and can be considered the best among the list that i'm presenting today. forth, the story is wonderful and lovely, that's not easy feat for a chinese artist, as i've read a few chinese comics that has sense of humor that is very hard to be understood by the rest of the world. but not in this case! the only bad thing i can say about this comic is that it's inconsistent in updates and pages updated, and not linear in story telling, which can throw the excitement "yay, new chapter!" off a little sometimes, because you're expecting the main story to continue, but it suddenly turns to a flashback. other than that, please enjoy this hidden gem of a manga/comic/whatever you want to call it.

6) Diamond of Ace Act2
Ace-of-Diamond by k-hots…
apparently a manga has to be popular enough to get an 'act2', but i've never read act 1 as of today. haha. maybe i'd catch up with it. being a bit of a sports nerd, i really like the details on baseball that is shown in this manga. everything from training regime to what type of moves they use. there's also no japanese kid doing superhuman sports feat even olympic winners cannot meet. the only overpowered character i'd say is the captain of their team, who is a master catcher who can read the game too well for a high school student. other than that, all characters are reasonably powered for their age and competition. so that's a good thing. they also don't miracly win each and every game. so that's another plus on 'believability'. XD. if you're a sports nerd or likes baseball, this one is nice.

7) Onideka
Mr-361768-801233-4 by k-hots
frankly, i don't know why i read this manga... maybe i'm a old pervert who likes to see high school girl upskirts... but in fact, there is no panty shots in this manga at all! even though all the civilians look at the girl fight from the angle it's all drawn in black!! such a disappointment! o@... hahaha. i really don't know. the story is kinda childish and simple, and the drawings is decent at best. i guess i like the parody of ultraman and other robot mangas in it... and seeing how long my perverted mind would last without getting the 'reward'. <_< ... or maybe it's that dA is also filled crazy works on giant girls. hahaha... it is a crazy and interesting premise which might be why i clicked on it out of the thousands in the first place. i still don't know. haha

ok. that's all. tell me what on-going manga you're reading now. or tell me what you think of the mangas that i introduced here. or introduce me to some comic/manga that you're reading... so i don't have to read mangas about giant girls. XD
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