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  • :iconmeyyyw:
    Donated Nov 28, 2016, 10:41:47 PM
i found that recent posts of fakemons… of mine are so grey in color =A= wonder what was i thinking while i was sketching them... or perhaps it's me now that's giving them greyish colors. hahaha.

i've posted more than 40 fakemons that would be on my 2nd gen. 100 sketchmons . but i still cannot muster the strength to put them together onto a dex. hahahaha.
if you clicked the link, you'd find that there's a grass leaf owl fakemon line at the bottom left corner. i'm thinking of scraping that line since we have perfectly fine owl line in rowlett. i'll see what i can do to change that... another line that is even more likely to be scraped is far left on the 4th row... it's sort of shellfish evolving into a samurai thing... which is what happened in sun/moon for wimpod/golisopod line. since i really cannot see how i can better on the official ones, these would most likely be scraped...
actually, the above doesn't happen much for me. especially after i deciding to post anyways even if there are official pokemons that are based on similar animals/things. and the fact that game freak themselves have quite a few pokemon that are based on same animals (how many lion pokemon have we had?). but this case for the shellfish and wimpod is that both the animal and concept in evo is very similar. and game freak did do a better job than i did by basing wimpod on a silverfish, which gives it a stronger 'bug' presence. so... yeah... that's gonna be scraped. the owls we'll see, coz i didn't do "archer" on them, so i could do something else that'd preserve their position. hopefully. hahaha

also, sketches for 4th gen fakemon is reaching 70. but still a long way towards 100, when i'll post very rough drawings, like above. maybe i've been playing the games, or maybe just busy in general, or maybe a mix of everything... i'm getting a bit slower and finding it harder to get new ideas of a fakemon line/fakemon that'd work. off 70 sketches i have, even some were gathered from previous sketchbooks that i'm sending to the recycle centre... think this might be a bit of bottleneck... i can see official pokemon themselves are having a bit of bottleneck too, especially on the introduction of the ultrabeasts.

speaking of ultrabeasts, ub beauty and ub expansion really threw me off when they were officially announced before the games. i still kinda hate them so much. hahaha. i could appreciate the designs of a couple of others, but Pheromosa and buzzwole... i'm still shaking my head. hahaha.
a little bit with the game itself, i passed the elite4 and champion. and just caught both buzzwole "specimens"... maybe when i get all the legends i'll write a review/feeling journal on it, and touch a bit about how i feel about the designs of the 7th generation pokemon... yeah, i really should write that as a journal... coz i really disliked some of the reveals (as with UBs), but other designs are really good, and i'd like to give credit to (like wimpod line above). so.. yeah. look forward to that.

ok. enough ranting/babbling. but i'll hope to post more fakemon/pokemon design based journals in the future so that i can share how i think when i see pokemon and my own fakemons. thanks for reading. :)
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CrystalCreatures Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016
Very impressive work, man. I'm confused I hadn't seen anything from you around DA. Anyway, I do now. Keep up the good work!!!
k-hots Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the nice words and watch. i'm not really very active when it comes to commenting/faving others' works, and also posting to groups. maybe that's why my works are not showing much on the feeds. but anyhow, i'm still working to be a better artist, which is more important imo. so yeah, thank you very much. will post as often as i can to keep you interested. xD
CrystalCreatures Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016
Yes, it is more important to focus on yourself and your art. xD 
Oh, just for me? :3
k-hots Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
sure, you.  my watcher. :)
Alisha-Kun Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016
Hello there random deviant. :) (Smile) *clicked the random deviant button* Just want to spread the love. :) (Smile)

You are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say. <3

Have a hug too. Hug
Don't be afraid to pass this on if you want.I am a dummy!

And have a nice day/evening/night. :3

Stay-fresh Happy 
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